Ordering Information

Everything Personalized Etching offers can be completely customized with your desired names, dates, messages, etc. Should you wish to start from scratch and create your own design, that can be accomplished as well. Each of the products lists a recommended etching space as a guideline to get you started.

Setup charges or quantity requirements.
Prices are posted for each item and vary depending on the type of product. All posted pricing includes etching on one side the product. We do not have a minimum quantity you need to order. Not often but on occasion there may be additional set up fee when providing your own artwork if we need to manipulate it. We will notify you ahead of time if this is needed.

You can shop by product type. You may also click on the special categories for Wedding or Bulk Orders for special packages and pricing. Ordering is easy and is accomplished via drop downs and text input boxes. For example, you would choose your font by selecting it from a drop down menu, and then would enter a message that you wanted etched into a text input box.

Special Instructions
Every item has a catch-all Special Instructions input box. This box allows you to communicate any desired changes or additions that haven’ t already been covered. For example, if you like the sample glass but would prefer it with the addition of some clip art, want the text done in a slightly different way, or would like some other change, you can let us know by inputting the request in the Special Instructions box.

How We Etch
We primarily use sandblasting, which is the premier method of marking glass. Sandblasting produces deep, permanent engravings with optimum appearance. Our process is designed to last and is dishwasher safe (some coloring options may not be dishwasher safe – the dishwasher may cause the coloring to fade or disappear over time).

Glass Quality
We use only full size, restaurant-quality glassware, and there is a difference.

Clip Art
We can etch designs and images with perfect precision, and art is part of many of the designs we have created. Should you wish to put clip art in a design of your own, there are links on the order page for each item that will display some of our most popular clip art. Just click on the “Choose A Graphic” button on the order page, and select your desired graphic.  Once you’ve clicked on your desired graphic, it will automatically be added into your order.  Multiple graphics may be selected, but they need to be added one at a time.  Please be specific with your layout instructions (so that we know where to put the text in relation to the clip art, etc). We have thousands of clip art images, so if you are looking for something besides what is on these sample pages we can almost certainly accommodate you. Please just describe what you want on the order form… or, if it is something really unusual, you are welcome to inquire with us first.

Using Your Own Art or Logo
We can certainly take your own art or logo and use it in your design. We can accept most graphic file formats, to include jpeg, bmp, pdf, doc, AI, svg and eps. Glass only etches in the one color of frosted white, so single color images (with no shading) work best. However, if you send us a color or grayscale image we will manipulate it with our software to achieve the best appearance on glass. Many items (such as the Make Your Own glasses, or the Bulk glasses) allow for art upload directly through the order form. Or, if you wish to add art to one of our existing template designs, it can also be emailed in to us at personalizedetching@gmail.com.

Bulk Orders
We do large orders for weddings, businesses, groups, and parties and we offer exceptional pricing for these. Please contact us to order glasses in quantities of 12 up to hundreds!



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